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Why put your success on hold any longer?

Does this sound familiar: Nervous about the future? Feel unproductive? Have projects in disarray? Know you need to make changes but not sure how?

Do you need a Business Guru?

Have you noticed that you quickly perform the business tasks you enjoy and avoid those that aren't easily accomplished? Confused about where to invest your time for best results?

8 Secrets coaches have worked with several hundred small businesses over the past fifteen years, guiding them to strong, permanent profitability.

Our one-on-one Business Coaching may be exactly what you need.

We can identify what holds you back and replace it with tools that propel you forward.

The result? You'll have a stronger business, peace of mind and more control.

8 Secrets is a small business training and coaching company that improves and transforms the lives of business owners by providing them the tools and support for success.

We guarantee business improvement.

Steve Hilferty, is the Small Business Guru and author of several books is the CEO of 8 Secrets. He understands... it is a life or death situation when you own the business. A professional business Coach and a professor who teaches MBAs, Steve knows the small business persons' difficulty in “doing it all”. 

He is well aware of the importance of survival secrets when people are in trouble. A former Coast Guard rescue helicopter pilot, Steve has saved lives by plucking sailors from sinking boats in hurricane conditions and rescuing injured workers from deep remote canyons.

Hire a guru to show you the way. 8 Secrets can guide you to strong, permanent profitability. We've been working with small businesses for fifteen years. Let us help you focus on your strengths to build your business. 

Find out how we can tailor a Coaching program to your specific objectives and time schedule.

As your Coach, Steve will mentor you in the areas that need work. Each business is as unique as its owner. Therefore, each business has unique issues.

How does 8 Secrets small business coaching work?

The first step to success is to take a quick snapshot of your business, then identify what's holding you back.

  • Where is your business “stuck”? 
  • What needed functions are you avoiding?
  • Who is your true target market, your perfect customer?
  • What are you doing that's different from two years ago?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your hidden abilities?.

Are you so busy running your business that you don't have time to pop up and take a good look at what is going on around you? Do you really know what's working and what's not?

There are 8 major elements, 8 Simple Secrets that you need to address all the time to have a successful business. What are the the 8 Simple Secrets?

From our clients...

“He will steer, direct you, in the right direction. Very knowledgeable, He knows what he is doing. "He can look at your company and find the holes and how to fill them.“
Juan, business owner in Pleasanton, CA

“Steven is an extremely positive and supportive business coach. He helped me to zero in on developing my business focus and identity. We strengthened my articulation of what is possible both now and in the future. I appreciate his ability to offer gentle challenges and insights along the way.“
Reba, business owner in Oakland, CA


Are you ready to get your business on track for success? Well, congratulations, you've found the Business Guru who can guide you!

Contact us today for a FREE 30 minute Coaching assessment.  Yes, you can do both.


“In my experience, the first step is the hardest.  I look forward to speaking with you and helping your business grow.”
Steve Hilferty, CEO of 8 Secrets Inc.

Even that first step creates a clear direction and makes your job easier. Are you proficient in the 8 areas of success? The success target shows what every business owner needs to have some confidence in. Aim to have proficiency in all 8 areas to score high in success.  

One of the most important attributes of successful small business owners is the ability to find and use resources. Of course, sometimes there are an overwhelming number of resources available. Who has time to work through them? Most of us have found out that there are experts who can give us answers, even when we don't know the questions.

Steven Hilferty is CEO of 8 Secrets Group. As a former Coast Guard rescue pilot, he is well aware of the importance of survival secrets when people get into trouble. Steven saved the lives of 200 people as a helicopter pilot by plucking sailors from sinking boats in hurricane conditions and injured workers from deep, remote canyons.

8 Secrets Group improves businesses and transforms the lives of business owners by providing them with tools and support which allows them to succeed. Steven has been a small business consultant, mentor and coach for fifteen years, and has worked with several hundred business owners in a wide variety of industries.


8 Secrets Business Success Target

Steven's Book: 8 Survival Secrets for Small Business Owners

Author of 8 Simple Secrets for Small Business Onwers


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